NOTICE: the author of this page is not a programmer and writes for people who start from scratch or who have basic knowledge. This is ONE path of the many possible.

Having programming knowledge is fundamental to progress and really understand what we have in hand in matters of (in) computer security. If you take this seriously you should sooner or later start studying general notions of programming and some simple language. One way to get ahead is to read interesting code examples and check what we are learning.



It is best to start handling ms-two (to remove the mental cobwebs that produce windows) and get olddos (for Windows 95/98). You can download it on the Internet or on the Windows CDROM. With the QBASIC.HELP and QBASIC.EXE files you can introduce yourself to elementary concepts of basic or qbasic. Batch files will also open your mind to understand how a system works in part and you can create some harmless virus to practice 🙂 HERE . For educational purposes, of course 🙂 A free DOS option is FREEDOS . MSDOS no longer has support from Microsoft (the truth is that I do not know if it is good or bad for MSDOS …).

QBASIC In QBASIC.COM.AR (the tutorial ) and in QBASIC DE CABANES   you can start with this simple language, to follow later in Visual Basic. By the way, in Hackxcrack they are developing a very interesting VB course.


At the same time, you can start with the html to create simple web pages, like the one you are looking at now. With this link you have plenty to start HTML IN ENGLISH .

Do not forget to look at the Links section.

NOTE: The most important thing is the mentality, then the ability. Or is it the other way around?