The idea of ​​this section is to make known my tastes about cinema, literature, music, etc., in case someone wants to tell me something about it or knows other related titles. There is almost nothing that the burrito does not have. Not everything is computer or (in) security! 

The email for this is jesusmarquez@telepolis.com . I will expand this section without hurry and without pause. I do not pretend to say that they are good, I just like them and / or they entertain. To watch good movies you have to start with Griffith, Murnau, Lang …


Science fiction movies section of Cinefantastico.com


   1984     Based on George Orwell’s novel (a critique of Soviet totalitarianism but valid for all).

   FAHRENHEIT 451     Based on the novel by Ray Bradbury. Very good oppressive environment.

   SOYLENT GREEN (WHEN THE DESTINY REACHES US)     Excellent duo of Edward G. Robinson and Chalton Heston.   

   THE ENIGMA OF ANOTHER WORLD     Magnificent film and beautiful “Nikki” (Margaret Sheridan);)

   THE INVASION OF THE THIEVES OF BODIES Better the version of 1956. The 1978 version is not bad.

  THE THREAT OF ANDRÓMEDA A masterpiece about a biological catastrophe.

   THEY ARE LIVE (THEY LIVE!) By John Carpenter. The forms betray a good story with a lot to reflect on.


  GAMES OF WAR The first, the best, the most true … recreates the atmosphere of the 80s, the IMSAI, several real techniques.

  SNEAKERS Magnificent story about cryptography and espionage. The beginning is anthological and the music of James Horner …

  MATRIX One of the best scripts to think about. What about Catherine-Ann Moss (Trinity)! 🙂 Matrix is ​​real.

  THE NETWORK The best, Sandra Bullock. After some very realistic scenes (virus, networks, macintosh …)

  CONSPIRACY IN THE NETWORK A camouflaged attack on Billy Puertas, but it is not him;). Some good moments


THE INCREDIBLE HULK They say that the movies or series that we liked disappoint to see them years later: this is not the case.

THE MYSTERY OF SALEM’S LOT Difficult to get, but it’s worth it. Of vampires, by Stephen King.


1984 (George Orwell) I have been studying totalitarianisms for more than 10 years and with each reading I discover that Orwell is a genius.

A HAPPY WORLD (Aldous Huxley) A story about a future hopeless society. Focused on biology and conditioning.

FAHRENHEIT 451 (Ray Bradbury) Delicious and terrible story about very significant characters. Many things are being fulfilled.

THE HOUR 25 (Virgil Georghiu) A terrible criticism of human evil in the twentieth century, of all civilization.