Lock Pick Set: Guided Tools for Locksmiths

Like any other trade, a locksmith has its own set of tools to use for the job. Piece by piece, a person that is not a locksmith may be puzzled by just the mere sight of these tolls. These are special tools that have specific functions each and it is very interesting to know how unique these materials are in terms of unlocking a door or a piece of a lock. Here’s how each tool work. Learn more about lockpick set on lockpickstore.

Different Types of Tools

  • Plug Spinners – This type of tool is used to rotate and move the plugs for it to be at its natural unlocked manner. In handling this tool it is required that locksmith should have knowledge as to the accurate positioning of different kinds of locks.
  • Computerized Picks – This tool is used to open boxes or doors that have number combinations on it can open a lock as much as 6 pins or patterns require.
  • Tension Wrenches – The tension wench tool has 3 types of torsion wrenches which are light, medium and rigid. The main function of the tool is to control as well as apply the amount of pressure needed that can access a shear line.
  • Key Extractors – This tool is true to its name, it extracts stuck keys on doors and removes them.
  • Electric Pick Guns – The tools function can be most likely compared to an elect drill. It specifically drills locks and there are different picks to use with different sizes.

This tools can be seen in a box carried by most locksmiths. The materials have different functions so one locksmith should be a master on how to use these tools. One wrong tool being used to unlock a door can lead to permanent damage to the locks that is why having expert knowledge of a lockpick set is necessary.